Image of a guy holding a condom with his pants unzipped.

Condom Sampler Packs

Never assume that one shape or size of condom feels best for all men.

One of the best ways to get a condom that’s right for you and your partner is to try sampler packs. Find a brand that works well for both of you, and stock up. Also women can feel condoms, so be sure that your partner is part of the selection process.

Here’s the most extensive list of links for condom sampler packs on the planet:

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“What I Know About Your Man’s Sexuality”


For an insightful article by Dr. Marty Klein, who is one of the world’s most highly regarded sex therapists and marriage counselors, CLICK HERE.


One man’s experience with ‘polyamory’

I’m never quite sure what “Polyamory” means. For some, it’s an open relationship that’s limited to one or two specific partners. For others, it’s a free for all. And then there’s the polyamory community, which has its own set of rules and regulations.

Here’s one man’s story of his experience with what he calls polyamory, but what I would simply call “finding your way.” CLICK HERE.


A woman’s clitoris during childbirth

Dr. Paul,

When a woman has a baby, does her clitoris get all smashed up?


Smashed up? If that were the case, few women would ever have more than one child.

While there’s no place for the clitoris to run and hide during childbirth, it’s not in the direct line of fire. But the vagina is. The part of the vagina to be concerned about is the floor or bottom. This is where the vagina stretches during intercourse and childbirth, not that the two should ever feel the same.

If you put a finger inside an aroused partner’s vagina and pull upward, you’ll be able to feel her pubic bone. So there’s no stretching there. But if you push down, you’ll notice some give and take. This is where the vagina stretches during intercourse and childbirth. It’s why some women who are preparing for childbirth will try to train the bottom part of their vagina to relax and stretch more by doing perineal massage.

The reason why I’m focusing on the bottom part of the vagina is because it’s where tearing is most likely to occur during childbirth. It’s where the doctor will make an incision called an “episiotomy” if she or he is concerned the vagina might tear. If the episiotomy repair is not made correctly, a woman could end up with scar tissue in the part of her vagina that needs to stretch for intercourse. This can lead to pain during intercourse.

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Send in your selfies!

Each time I receive slide-show worthy selfies, I’ll post them. Use the CONTACT FORM and be sure to include your contact info so I double check to make sure it’s you who sent them and I have your permission.

Sex Survey of the Week

During the past ten years, I have collected more than 10,000 sex surveys. The questions are open ended, so people give real answers instead of numbers on a scale of 1 to 10. An open-ended survey provides a better sense of who we are as sexual beings than “43% of women prefer the missionary position…” or “32% of couples have sex 3 times a week.”


I am totally straight, though I sometimes consider that to be limiting. I’ve had crushes on lesbian women in the past (oddly never straight women) but have never acted on it, and never fantasized about anything beyond kissing. I’m just not interested in vaginas. I had a friend in college who I was always drawn to. I would have dreams of kissing her but never did. She had a boyfriend at the time, and only years later came out. I tend to have crushes on lesbians rather than straight girls, especially the more boyish ones.

I’ve currently been in a relationship with a man for six months. Despite being sexually active for half of my life, this is the best sex I’ve ever had. We see each other three or four times a week and have sex each time.

We do masturbate in front of each other. The look on his face when I touch myself is like a catalyst.

I really like my current partner’s penis. It’s that magical size/shape where it fits just right everywhere. Just hits my G-spot, makes a perfect mouthful, and I think it’s going to be just the right size for anal sex when we start to have it.

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Female Anatomy

This guy’s either watched too much porn or not enough. But it’s not an uncommon question.

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Average penis size is way smaller than many men think

Based on studies of 15,521 penises, the average length of an erect penis is about 5.25 to 5.5 inches. This means a penis that is 7 inches when erect is in the upper 97th percentile (out of 100 men, it would be among the longest 3 to 5). The average circumference is 4.5 inches.

Most guys who are in porn or who upload videos of themselves to porn sites have the largest 1% to 5% of all penises both in length and circumference.

For the latest and greatest penis-size study from the British Journal of Urology, CLICK HERE.


“5 Guys Get Real About How Their Relationships Changed After Marriage”

A pleasantly benign piece from Good Housekeeping CLICK HERE.

My only complaint is that the guys are all in their 20s. If you asked them the same question after ten or fifteen years of marriage, I wonder if their answers would be as upbeat.

After reading 10,000 sex surveys, I’ve noticed that people in their 20s often have a more idealistic view of relationships than people in their late 30s and beyond. A woman in her early 20s might refer to her current partner as “amazing,” “the best ever” and “the love of my life,” while ten years later she might describe him as “a dud in bed,” “unremarkable” or “a total dick.”

So I wonder what these guys would say fifteen years later when there’s kids, a mortgage, their respective jobs, and more. I hope they’d still be this upbeat.


Date Idea of the Week: Inner Tubing in the Snow

If you’re going to buy innertubes instead of renting, be sure to get the larger size (such as the 40 – 45 inchers HERE.)

If you’re not into inner tubing, there’s always having coffee or beer together at a ski lodge.



I get questions from women in circumcision-happy countries about penises that are uncut—as if there is something very strange hiding under the foreskin. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…

NSFW Click the slideshow nav button with the understanding that nakedness will follow!

For a great resource on foreskins and uncut penises, check out NOCIRC.ORG.

I created this image from a post made by Naughty at Heart of his penis via Glittering Kisses. A big thanks to both.


Sex in water often needs lube

Water washes away natural lubrication and can make sex feel dry. This includes sex in hot tubs, pools, bath tubs, rivers, lakes, the ocean and even the shower.

So contrary to what you would think, sex in water often requires adding sex lube. The best lubes for sex in water are silicone-based. Silicone-based lubes don’t wash away. Put the lube on a penis or dab some in a vagina before you get into the water.

Warning: Silicone-based lubes can make shower floors slick as ice. To help prevent dangerous slips, apply it before you get into the shower.