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A close up of the front of a woman's pelvis, with a uterus overlay to show where the cervix and uterus are located.

The Cervix

The cervix is the lower third of the uterus. It comes out in the back of the vagina. Some women find that having their cervix stimulated feel very good. Paul is in the process of doing a podcast and a video on this. An excellent source of information about the cervix is

A couple standing, he's kissing her and has on arm around her back, and she's leaning into him with her hand on his chest. He's not wearing a shirt. There's a microphone on the side of the couple.

Crush It In Bed Videos and Podcast

Most men learn about sex from porn, which does not always provide an accurate view of women’s sexuality. That’s one of the reasons why Crush It In Bed exists: to provide reliable information for men who want to learn more about women’s bodies and women’s sexuality.

Also, women live more than five years longer than men do. Men die by suicide three-to-five times more often than women do, and we make up almost seven-out-of-every-ten drug overdose deaths.

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