When a man’s prostate gland becomes enlarged and it isn’t due to cancer. Let’s say the wall doesn’t shake anymore like it used to when a man is peeing at a urinal. Or maybe he doesn’t make it through the night like he used and he has to get up to urinate two or three times. This could be due to a prostate that is getting larger. The symptoms can range from mild to severe. One of the fascinating things about BPH is that the prostate can be greatly enlarged in a man who experiences no troubling symptoms, or it can be completely normal in size but the man is in agony. In the latter case, the swelling might be on the inside of the prostate, clamping the urethra shut. Although BPH and prostatitis are supposed to be two different things, a man who is under 40 is likely to be given the diagnosis of prostatitis while a man who is over 50 is likely to be given the diagnosis of BPH, even if they have the exact same symptoms. Currently, a daily dose of 5 mg of the boner drug Cialis (tadalaphil) is given to help with BPH.