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This is a website for sex education. It contains explicit images and videos of genitals and things people do when they are having sex. This website is for informational purposes only. If you have questions of a medical or psychological nature, please consult with a licensed healthcare provider, psychologist, or sex therapist. Please watch this brief video before using this website.

The Ultimate Guide To The Clitoris

“I just watched The Ultimate Guide To The Clitoris and it’s totally fabulous. It is clear and practical. I will encourage many of my patients to watch this, and suggest that couples watch it together.” –Dr. Marty Klein, author of Sexual Intelligence, America’s War on Sex and His Porn, Her Pain.

A Woman’s Guide to Men’s Foreskins

We now have the first generation of men in North America whose foreskins are intact, and a lot of women have no clue what to do with them. If you are an intact male and have a female partner, be sure to watch this video together. It could be a great conversation starter and a win-win for both of you. ICYDK, foreskins are Nature’s way of giving a partner more to work with!

How Men Ejaculate and Why Semen Drips Out of a Woman’s Vagina

In this brief video (only three minutes!), you’ll learn where semen is made (probably not where you think), how it gets propelled from the inside of a man’s body to the outside, and why it starts dripping out a woman’s vagina like it’s water in about fifteen minutes. Co-hosted with Bob the Llama.

Sex in Porn vs Real Life – Bob the Llama Banned by YouTube!

With special guest host, Bob the Llama! While it’s totally fine to watch and enjoy porn, it never hurts to be reminded about the differences between sex in porn and sex in real life. When watching this video, keep in mind that YouTube banned each of the Bob The Llama sex-education videos I made. (College students loved them!)

Fap Not — Masturbation Madness

Masturbation is one of nature’s nicest gifts to human beings. This video is Dr. Paul’s answer to people who think there is something bad about masturbation.

A woman who looks very loving, laying on top of a man who is not wearing a shirt, resting her head on his chest.

The Crush It In Bed Videos

“As a Human Sexuality educator at a community college, I find these videos to be a godsend for my students. The students look forward to watching them. They frequently comment how creative and educational they are and share them with their friends.” —Janet Minehan, Ph.D., Santa Barbara Community College

“One of the best series of sex-ed videos out there.” —David Ley PhD., author The Myth of Sex Addiction

“I have taught HLTH 2050 Sexual Health to over 500 students each year at East Carolina University for over 15 years.

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