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View of a cheesecake with a slice missing and a blue ribbon and a best of division ribbon from the Oregon State Fair.

An Easy, Slow Cooker Cheesecake That Will Help Get You Laid

If your partner or a person of interest likes cheesecake, making this easy, award-winning cheesecake will increase your chances of getting laid exponentially. Award winning? I entered this cheesecake in the Oregon State Fair and it won a Blue Ribbon and Best of Division! Easy to make? It takes me about fifteen minutes of actual preparation time. That’s 15 minutes, not 50. Impossible to mess up? I’ve now made this cheesecake more than twenty times, and people raved about each and every one.

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Close up of a plate full of Nestle's Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Could Be the Easiest To Make!

If you do a browser search for “Chocolate Chip Cookies” you’ll be blown away at how many different recipes there are, each claiming to be the best ever. Having tried several of these “ultimate” recipes, I have learned to avoid any food blogger who says, “My husband absolutely loved these cookies and couldn’t stop eating them!” The truth is, her husband is probably having an affair with a woman who is sensible enough to follow the recipe for Toll House Cookies on the back of the Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip package.

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Biscotti on a baking rack after the second baking.

This Biscotti Recipe Took 2nd Place at the Oregon State Fair

My biscotti won a 2nd place ribbon at the Oregon State Fair. The reason it did not win first place? They said with a totally straight face: “Your nuts are uneven.”

As for recipes, I have switched back and forth since then, and currently am going with the recipe I have listed below.

I was originally using the biscotti recipe from the excellent Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book, because they have done research on what makes a fine biscotti.

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Caribbean rum cake freshly baked.

To Die For Caribbean Rum Bundt Cake

Unless you are trying to score with someone who is in AA, this cake should be at the top of anyone’s list of recipes to help them get laid. It will impress and amaze. I have made it five times and I wouldn’t consider another rum cake recipe—it’s that good. The cake becomes incredibly moist because after baking it, you soak it over night with butter rum sauce. Visit the King Arthur Flour website for the Caribbean Rum Cake recipe.

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Liquor bottles coming off of an assembly line at a distillery.

Is It Okay to Use Cheap Liquor for Cooking and Coffees?

It’s unlikely anyone will be able to tell if the wine you used in your red meat sauce came from a bottle of Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck (now Four-Buck Chuck) or a $44 Domaine du Pelican Arbois Trois Cépages. But try using the cheapest bourbon for your pulled pork barbecue sauce or the cheapest rum for your Caribbean Rum Cake, and people will notice.

While it’s usually okay to cook with cheap red wine,

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