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Couple in sleeping bags dangling from a sheer mountain face.

For a Night of Restful Sleep

Forget all of those sleep experts with their mostly useless YouTube videos. If you suffer from insomnia, this should do the job. (Do you think they have sex on that thing?)

Surfer at the crest of a massive wave that's just starting to break.

Surfing a Monster Wave in Fiji

An amazing pic by Stu Gibson, one of the world’s most outstanding action water photographers. Here are more images from Gibson’s shoot in Fiji. (Fiji is an island nation in the Pacific; Fuji is a mountain in Japan.)

A flyboarder with beautiful blue skies behind him.


Flyboarding is one of the newer extreme water sports. Your feet are attached to rails on flyboard, and the water is propelled through a hose at such high pressure that it launches you high into the air, or through the water. For the absolute best on flyboarding, check out H2RO Magazine.

Sex is no barrier in flyboarding. Here’s Kristen Smoyer, a 33-year old professional flyboarder who was ranked 1st among women in North America and 3rd in the World.

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MMA fighter Mark Munoz receiving what looks like a liver kick from MMA competitor Eric Simpson.

The Dreaded Liver Shot

Mark Munoz took this kick from Eric Simpson, and he still won the match. MMA photographer Esther Linn did a great job of capturing the impact that a well placed kick can have, but the camera does not always tell the truth.

This has all the markings of a liver shot or liver kick, which is a kick or punch that hits the right side of the body directly over the liver.

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Sled Hockey competitor in an ice hockey game or match.

Sled Hockey: No Legs, No Problem

This photo is of the Chicago Blackhawks sled hockey team playing the team from the Colorado Avalanche at the USA Hockey Sled Classic presented each year by the National Hockey League.

According to the NHL website:

“Sled hockey was invented by a group of Swedes at a rehabilitation center in the early 1960s. Despite their physical disability, these men wanted to continue playing hockey. Sled hockey follows most of the typical ice hockey rules.

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Dude wearing something like rollerblads about to go down the tracks of a roller coaster from the very top.

Roller Coaster Stunts

This dude made special skates to keep him from going off the rails. He’s truly a man in search of an adrenaline rush. Wonder if he’s married.

Here’s a video from a few years ago with the Top Ten Insane Roller Coaster Stunts. Some are interesting, others not so much. Maybe if it had been the top five or six?

Images of male baseball players getting hit in the testicles with the caption "If you want to have children some day, wear a cup."

Protect Your Balls and Your Brain If You Hope To Have Children Some Day

Your Balls

One of the leading causes of infertility in young men is athletic injuries. Fortunately, there’s a new generation of cups you can try, in addition to compression shorts to hold them in place. Plus, wearing a cup will make you look really well hung. From baseball and lacrosse to MMA, wrestling, football, and paintball, you CAN find a cup that is comfortable and works well for you. However, you probably won’t find the coolest of cups at your local Target,

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