A melanocortin agonist originally tested as a sunless tanning lotion. Imagine their surprise when male test subjects got boners instead of tans? Researchers then tried it on women, some of whom felt horny as a result. The problem was that bremelanotide caused high blood pressure when taken orally, but not when injected into the fat layer under the skin. It was approved in 2019 as an injectable medication used to treat low sexual desire in women which occurs before menopause. The brand name is Vyleesi, and a major side effect can be nausea. According to one user, it won’t make you want to have sex, but it will make things easier, and once things are going, it will keep them going. How do people feel about injecting the drug? This would probably not be an issue for diabetics, who are used to self injections, but for anyone else? Warning: Do not use versions of this drug that are available on the Internet. On the street, bremelanotide or PT-141 has been layered with other drugs, which could cause cardiac risks.