A penis that curves as it gets hard. According to Irwin Goldstein, a highly respected urologist and founder of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, “The expandability of the tunica albuginea during erection will determine if the penis is straight or curved.” Also, “In a small percentage of cases a penile erection can be curved if the suspensory and fundiform ligaments are excessively scarred.” Having a curve is perfectly normal unless it causes physical pain or becomes increasingly worse with time. Having an erection that curves is not an impediment to good sex.One highly experienced reader said the best sex she ever had was with an Italian guy who had a curved penis, and another said “My first BF had a curved penis; it was the best shaped dick I’ve ever experienced!” Experiment with different intercourse positions that might provide an advantage over men who don’t have a curve. If you never had a curve and one starts to occur after the age of forty, see “Peyronie’s Disease.”