A condition where tissue similar to the lining of a woman’s uterus grows in other parts of her body, including her abdomen, pelvis or chest. This tissue is hormonally sensitive and can become inflamed during a woman’s periods. Endometriosis can cause very painful menstrual cramps, pain during sex, pain in other parts of the body, heavy bleeding during periods, spotting between periods, infertility, inflammation, mood dissues and more. Endometriosis affects 5% to 10% of all women, but is often misdiagnosed and essential treatment can be delayed for years. According to a 2021 review in The Lancet by Taylor et al, “Endometriosis is now considered a systemic disease rather than a disease predominantly affecting the pelvis. Endometriosis affects metabolism in liver and adipose tissue, leads to systemic inflammation, and alters gene expression in the brain that causes pain sensitisation and mood disorders. The full effect of the disease is not fully recognized and goes far beyond the pelvis.”