Female ejaculation is very different from squirting, although the two are often confused. Female ejaculation is the secretion of 1 to 4 milliliters of thick whitish-colored fluid. This fluid is made by the tiny paraurethral glands that surround the female urethra. This is why female ejaculate contains a high concentration of prostate-specific antigen. Squirting is very different from female ejaculation. It is essentially an involuntary emission of urine. The source of squirting is the bladder and it consists of 10 to 150 ml or more of liquid. The reason squirting is called squirting is because contractions of the bladder force the urine to squirt out, where female ejaculation tends to drip or flow out and there is no rapid expulsion. While a small number of women expel fluid during high states of sexual arousal and orgasm that can consist of female ejaculation, squirting, or both, plenty of women who have sex that is intense and satisfying do not produce female ejaculation and do not squirt. Unfortunately, porn and now women’s magazines have made some men and women feel that a women needs to ejaculate or squirt in order to have good sex, but nothing could be further from the truth. Worse yet, in trying to push down during sex to force themselves to squirt, some women could be causing themselves to have premature bladder leakage or prolapse.