The recreational use of nitrous oxide has been on the increase. Given that many of the people who use nitrous also use poppers, which are often used during sex, it makes sense that nitrous is also being used during sex. Here’s the problem: When doing a search about nitrous oxide use on Pubmed, six articles that came up on the first page were “The Sharp Rise of Neurological Disorders Associated with Recreational Nitrous Use,” “Nitrous Oxide Abuse Associated with Severe Thromboembolic Complications,” “Mechanisms Involved in the Neurotoxity and Abuse of Nitrous Oxide,” “Recreational Nitrous Oxide Abuse Triggered Peripheral Neuropathy,” A Case of Fever, Impaired Consciouness, and Psychosis Caused by Nitrous Oxide Abuse,” and “Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Caused By Nitrous Oxide Abuse.” And those were just during the previous six months. If this doesn’t tell you why you should not be using nitrous oxide for recreational purposes, heaven only knows what would.