Drugs that are similar to amyl nitrates that dilate blood vessels when inhaled. Poppers are frequently used by gay men, but are increasingly being used by people who are straight. They can make it easier to have anal sex, give blowjobs, and have vaginal intercourse. Also, when inhaled immediately before orgasm, they can result in a sensation that some say is amazing and indescribable. Poppers can be very dangerous, and we know little about the long term effects of using them. Unlike drugs that you swallow which are metabolized by the liver before being released throughout your body, Popper vapors hit your brain and heart within a few seconds after being inhaled. This dilates the blood vessels in the brain and heart and makes more blood rush through them. Thirty seconds after being inhaled, poppers cause relaxation of the smooth muscles in the anus, throat and vagina. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular in the gay community, given how they help relax the sphincters in the anus and the muscles in the throat to allow an erect penis full and easy access (minus the vagina which isn’t a popular body part for gay men). Within one to three minutes after inhaling poppers, the bad news begins: possible headaches, nausea and elevated heart rate due to a lowering of blood pressure. Combine this with the blood pressure lowering effects of Viagra, Cialis, and other boner drugs, and the stage is set for terminal events (AKA death) to occur. In addition, the current formulation of Poppers can kill you if you have hidden heart problems. Some people feel that popper usage might weaken the immune system, but there’s no research on the matter. Some poppers are sold over the counter as a liquid air deodorizer. Poppers were originally made of amyl nitrate (which is for heart patients). The formula was switched to butyl nitrate because the amyl formulation could no longer be legally sold over the counter. When butyl nitrate was outlawed, popper makers switched the formula to a type of isopropyl alcohol which is fairly dangerous, but legal nonetheless. It is especially dangerous to combine poppers and Viagra, Cialis, and other boner drugs.