A walnut-shaped, rubbery gland about the size of a pingpong ball in an adult male that is located on the floor of a man’s rectum nearly a finger’s length up his butt, or below his bladder and in front of his rectum. The prostate wraps around the urethra and it actually changes shape somewhat when a man pees. The prostate generates about 30% of the fluid in each ejaculation. The fluid is a bit alkaline and appears milky or white. The prostate contracts seconds before orgasm, resulting in fine sensations as it shoots out it’s prostatic fluid that helps sperm to survive in a somewhat hostile vaginal environment. The prostate enlarges with age, which is not always for the better. If the prostate becomes enlarged or inflamed, it can intrude into the urethra and give a man all sorts of grief when he tries to pee. This is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostatitis. Part of the prostate can be examined during a Digital Rectal Exam. Cancer of the prostate is the most common cancer that men get after skin cancer. Some men (straight or gay — it doesn’t matter) enjoy the feeling that results from having the prostate rubbed or massaged; others would sooner die.