After men and women have an orgasm, their body enters a resolution or recovery phase that is called the refractory period. Women do refractory periods differently then men. They don’t have a shutdown, but might feel tired or lose interest in having more sex. This can happen after one orgasm, or after having multiple orgasms. For men, a refractory period is the time following orgasm when his body does not respond to sexual stimulation and his penis remains flaccid. He is unable to have another orgasm until his refractory period is over. The length of a man’s refractory period is not determined by his testosterone level. The reason why it varies so greatly among different men remains a mystery—although age does matter, as the refractory period in a young man can last from a few minutes to a half hour, while for an older man, a refractory period can last from 12 to 24 hours or longer. Boner drugs like Viagra and Cialis might help reduce a man’s refractory period.