Small mites that burrow under the skin, causing a rash that appears approximately a month after infestation. In addition to the genitals, scabies can burrow into the palms, wrists, feet and elbows. Symptoms can be worse at night. Since it takes a month for symptoms to form, it is likely that other family or living-group members are infected and require treatment, with consists of antipruritic agents and antiscabietic drugs. Scabies should be treated by a physician; be sure to follow instructions carefully. Since scabies can’t live away from human skin for more than 24 hours, you don’t need to nuke your carpets and surroundings. However, do wash your clothes and sheets at the time of treatment. Scabies look a little like beach crabs when magnified. Not to be confused with chiggers, which is a mite of a different kind.