Given how popular it has become to watch people having sex on webcams, you would think the webcam would have been invented by porn producers or voyeurs. Not so. The first webcam was built in 1991 by Cambridge University computer science students who didn’t want to walk several flights of stairs to see if there was coffee in the building’s only coffee maker. So they devised a cam that allowed them to spy on the coffee pot from any terminal in the building. Fast forward more than thirty years, and aside from webcams occasionally being used for Zoom meetings, Facetiming, and live streaming that is done with clothes on, webcam sites or cam sites such as are what people (mostly women) use to stream themselves masturbating or having sex so horny men watch and pay them while jerking off. Webcam porn refers to porn that is made from recordings of live streams, usually of individual women masturbating or of women have sex with women.